Environment Canterbury


  • Difficult undersea terrain and marine installations stretch across the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.
  • Manual monitoring of vessel traffic and movements was resource intensive and subject to human error.
  • There was an urgent need to leverage marine data from multiple sources for improved risk management.


  • Guardian: Monitor provides Environment Canterbury with visibility of ships and vessels in real time and playback of their past activity.
  • The solution uses virtual AtoNs to mark pilot stations and to replace physical AtoNs that are difficult to maintain.
  • Overlaying of AIS data with information from other sources eliminates manual data mapping.


  • Environment Canterbury has complete visual coverage of the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island from Kaikoura to beyond the Otago Peninsula.
  • Helps the set up of safe navigation zones around risk activity such as bunkering and hot work.
  • Enables the delivery of high-quality service to the shipping industry, with better representation of potential risks and their effective management.

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