Submarine Cable Clients

Protecting submarine cables

Proactively send automated messages to vessels – 24/7

Guardian protects submarine cables all over the world.  Anchor strikes and dredging damage are more common than most companies realise.  The risk is real.  The damage is immense (far more than just repair costs and lost revenue).  Recent innovations in marine technology and mandated implementation of AIS has made Guardian possible.

Guardian protects cables from:

  • Direct anchor strikes
  • Anchor drag
  • Anchor stowage check alerts
  • Trawlers
  • Dredges

Guardian protects submarine cables like no other solution.  It clearly marks your subsea asset for vessels to see on their navigation systems.  It detects risky behaviour and proactively sends an automated message directly to the vessel.  Other solutions rely on your intervention.

Guardian warns vessels before you even know they are a risk.

Submarine Cable Client Examples

PEA – Thailand

We protect the 9 kilometer cable system from Sriracha to Koh Si Chang, which had previously been subject to multiple anchor strikes.


New York Power Authority

After two anchor strikes within ten years, NYPA engaged us to protect their power cables across Long Island Sound.

Telstra – Singapore Strait

To further enhance protection of their EAC2 cable, Telstra implemented our proactive warning solution – Guardian:protect.


Vesper Marine

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