Marine Zone Protection


24/7 automated alerting solution to detect and prevent marine vessel incursions into defined zones

An ongoing risk

Ensuring vessels understand and act on rules for a given marine area has immense implications.

Protecting fisheries, rocket launches, firing ranges and safety zones around offshore installations has been historically challenging.

The result has been ongoing economic cost, physical and ecological damage as well as loss of life.

Preventable Marine Zone Incursions

Coral damage

The swinging anchor chain of a luxury yacht  damaged 431 corals across 11,000 square feet. 

Rocket launch delayed

A sailboat entered the launch cordon, preventing Antares launching to resupply the International Space Station.

Proliferation of large vessels

The growing numbers and physical size of  vessels has increased the risk and scale of damage caused by incursions.

Fishing Vessels

Maritime shipping vessels

Gross Tons of shipping vessels

ANCHORS ARE Destructive


Container vessels deploy anchors weighing 30,000 lbs (13,000 kg)

An 11,000 lb (5,000 kg) anchor can cut up to 16 feet (5 m) into the sea bed as it drags

Since 2006, AIS has shown 48% of cable incidents around the UK are caused by anchors (ICPC)


Marine and Ecological Reserves

Protecting marine areas from potentially irreparable harm is now possible with automated alerts.  AIS can be supplemented with radar for enhanced detection.

Range Safety

Making sure errant boats are aware and alerted of an event can ensure rocket launches and military testing can continue safely and on schedule.

Offshore Windfarms

As well as vessel collisions, there is risk of anchor strikes from vessels passing between the farm and the shorestation.

Offshore Platforms

Ensure passing and visiting vessels have visibility of your platform, FSO or FPSO operational area.

Incident Awareness

Quickly establish awareness of a new operational area so that passing vessels have full awareness.

Physical MARKERS ARE not viable

Physical markers and published warnings have proven to be inadequate. 

Marking area’s with physical marks (buoys or AtoNs) is often simply not feasible.  The distances involved and the potential lack of visibility of any particular mark make them impractical.

Published warnings provide some protection, but ongoing incidents prove they are not enough.

Vesper Marine’s Guardian:protect is used to warn marine vessels to stay clear prior to rocket launches

Why Vessel Incursions Still Happen

1. Marine Zones are effectively invisible.  It is often impossible to physcically mark the relevant area.  Whilst sometimes visible on marine charts, incidents prove this doesn’t fully address the problem.

2. Actions by the vessel crew is the fundamental issue. A decision is made to enter a marine area. Providing the crew with clearer visibility of the relevant zone and its restrictions will reduce incidents.


CREW awareness is the key to protection

“We can’t really quantify it for you, but it’s not cheap”

BARRON BENESKI, Orbital Sciences Corp


An errant sailboat delays the launch of Antares resupply mission to the International Space Station.

Vesper Marine

Protect your investment with Guardian


We create electronic protection zones and virtual bouys

When a rule is triggered we send a message to the vessel

The message is displayed on the vessel’s navigation system

Alerts are also sent via Guardian Cloud app, email or text to your team


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