Environment Southland


  • Tarapunga Rock is a submerged rock at the entrance of Doubtful Sound
  • Over 80 cruise ships pass through this entrance every year
  • Physical AtoNs ($60k each) were ineffective because they were destroyed by extreme weather
  • Environment Southland needed a solution to prevent ships from hitting the rock.


  • Guardian marks the rock and makes it visible to vessels entering Doubtful Sound.
  • The solution uses a virtual AIS buoy from a remote, solar powered shore location.
  • To mitigate the radio shadow in a certain coverage area, enhanced safety is provided in the form of increased transmission rate of the virtual AIS mark for outgoing vessels.


  • Safety is enhanced for ships sailing to and from Doubtful Sound
  • No incidents of collisions with the submerged Tarapunga rock have been reported.

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