New York Power Authority

Preventing Anchor damage

Critical power supply to Long Island is more secure with Guardian’s automated, proactive alert messages.


New York Power Authority operates four Long Island Sound Submarine cables which deliver critical power to Long Island.

They experienced anchor strikes on their cables in 2004 and 2014.

Repairs and clean up spanned several months at a cost of tens of millions of dollars.


Guardian electronically marks the cable area using virtual AIS buoys for vessels to see on their electronic navigation systems.

Vessel movements and behavior are continually monitored by Guardian Cloud to determine if they are potentially anchoring too close to the cable field.  Guardian focuses only on vessels that are big enough to present a risk.

In case of a potential risk, alert messages are sent proactively directly to the vessel’s on-board electronic navigation display and New York Power Authority network operations center.


Environmental Protection

Enhanced protection by Vesper Marine helps eliminate anchor damage and the resulting environmental impact.

Reduced Repair Costs

After 2 incidents within 10 years, there have been no further incidents since implementing Guardian in 2015 

Continuous Protection

Guardian automatically sends proactive alert messages to vessels that present a risk. It never sleeps.

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New York Power Authority prevents costly anchor strikes

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is the largest state electric utility in the United States. It operates the Long Island Sound Submarine cable system (Y-49) which delivers critical power to Long Island. Installed in 1991, the underwater section of Y-49 comprises of four independent self-contained fluid filled cables buried an average of 10 feet in the seabed and crossing between New Rochelle to the north and Hempstead Bay to the south.

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