Rocket Launches

Protecting launch windows

Rocket launches can proceed without disruption from vessels accidentally entering the safety zone beneath the flight path.



This company conducts regular launches of rockets at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The busy harbor has a constant flow of cruise ships and commercial traffic.

In order to launch, a safety zone under the flight path needs to be free of all marine traffic for up to an hour during a launch.

Despite awareness campaigns, attempts to contact vessels and monitoring aircraft and boats, vessels entered the safety zone causing launches to be delayed and cancelled at significant cost.


Guardian:protect marks the safety zone with Virtual Aids to Navigation (VAtoN) prior to a launch. These are visible on vessels’ navigation systems.

Prior to the launch countdown, Guardian sends a proactive message to all marine traffic near the safety zone warning them of the launch.

Guardian monitors the safety zone during countdown, automatically sending a message to the navigation system of any vessel approaching the zone. The message alerts them of the launch and asks them to alter course to stay out of the safety zone.


No delays

Since implementing Guardian, there have been no delays caused by vessels entering the launch cordon.  This has prevented this company incurring very significant costs. 


Guardian automatically detects traffic and sends proactive alert messages before they enter the zone, reducing human error.


Safety for marine traffic around Cape Canaveral has been enhanced.

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