Shell Todd Oil Services


Guardian protects the offshore gas field near Taranaki by providing visibility of the platform infrastructure to tankers and supply ships on their navigation systems.


Maui Natural Gas field located in the Tasman Sea is 35km off the coast of Taranaki.

With tankers and supply ships actively operating between New Plymouth and the gas field, safety of crew and infrastructure was a top priority.

There was a risk that a vessel could collide with a platform or surrounding pipe infrastructure. This became very real when a large vessel drifted near a platform while dragging an anchor.


With a Goal Zero philosophy, which means no harm to people and protection for the environment, Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS) implemented Guardian:mark from Vesper Marine.

Virtual AIS buoys mark the gas platform for visibility to crew and supply ships.

Approaching vessels see the infrastructure on their electronic navigation systems while enabling STOS to monitor all vessels in the operational area.


Reduced risk

With zero incidents, Guardian:mark has enabled Shell Todd Oil Services to maintain their safety record.


STOS not only have visibility of vessels in their operational area, they provide those vessels with clear approach and hazard information on their navigation systems

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