>> Three Groundings in Three Days!


Dec 2020: The Volga River entrance was repeatedly blocked in the first week of December 2020.

Three times in three days a vessel ran aground as reported by Fleetmon:

PORT OLYA2 was exiting the Volga, en route to Iran.  Amazingly, this was the third time the OLYA2 grounded in this area in 2020!

Then the OMSKIY 111 grounded in a similar place, again blocking vessels in the Volga.

The following day, further up the Volga, the PARMIS ran aground!  

Guardian could potentially prevent these groundings – clients use our solution to mark safe passage channels with Virtual Aids to Navigation.  The VAtoNs (or digital bouys) can be moved according to tides/depth data via an automated feed.  This would ensure vessels have the latest information on safe routes.